The 4 D’s of Business Transformation


A Crash Course For many, the prospect of rapid business transformation can be tempting. You’ve probably come across a book or course promising exactly that. Transform your business in a week! Transform it in a day! Transform it by lunchtime! It is easy to see the appeal of this approach. If a business is struggling, it’s natural to want to … Read More

Meeting Expectations – Part 4

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Welcome to the final part of the ‘Meeting Expectations’ series, where we discuss ways to improve the effectiveness of your meetings. If you, like so many people, dread meetings and see them as a waste of time, then read on! If you don’t, then perhaps you’ll recognise why. Those of you who have not yet read Parts 1, 2, 3 … Read More

Meeting Expectations – Part 3

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Welcome back to the Meeting Expectations mini-series. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, 2, or the full ‘Meeting Expectations’ article then don’t worry, you’ll still be able to follow along, but meetings are so often an issue of contention that it’s worth getting as much information as you can on how to improve them! I’m sure you’re familiar with … Read More

Meeting Expectations – Part 2

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Decisions – From ‘I’ to ‘We’ Welcome to part two in this micro-series on improving meeting effectiveness. In part one, I discussed the importance of coherence and what a difference it makes to meetings. In this section, I’ll talk about decision making. A lot of people associate meetings with unproductive time-wasting; sitting in a hot office as the same issue … Read More

Meeting Expectations – Part 1

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  Coherence – The Laser vs the Lightbulb Meetings have a bad reputation. The stereotype of meetings as unproductive, neglected and soul-crushingly dull is very prevalent at all levels of business. Regrettably, the stereotype is often true! But meetings don’t have to be unpleasant. If done properly, they can actually be one of the most effective resources a senior team … Read More

Closing the Leadership Gap – Part 2

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Designing A Program That’s Right For Your Business Building a good business plan is an essential step on the road to success. Knowing what you aim to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it are both crucial if your business is to move forwards. But these are not the only questions that need answering. You have to carefully consider … Read More

Closing the Leadership Gap – Part 1

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Why Leadership Development Should Pay For Itself No doubt, many of you will have run leadership development courses for your business. Many of you will have been on courses and come back with fresh enthusiasm. Chances are, however, the benefits faded quickly. Leadership development is not an auxiliary to be tacked onto the side of your business. It should be … Read More

Developing Leaders with Practical Mastery – Part 2

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The Nexus Process in Action In Part 1, we discussed the four stages of learning and how the Nexus process has been designed around this psychological process. In this section, I’ll discuss the five principles upon which Nexus is based. These are all based on many years experimentation with on-site practical learning, and have been distilled down to the core, … Read More

Developing Leaders with Practical Mastery – Part 1

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The desire to learn is a natural human impulse. Curiosity and a thirst for uncovering the unknown have helped driven innovation and change in all areas of life since the beginning of civilisation. In business, learning new things is often vital, especially in management and leadership. However, like so many others I have worked with over the years you are … Read More

Leaders Who Hunt as a Pack – part 2

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The Four Dynamics of Hunting as a Pack We discussed in Part 1 how the cult of the individual leadership produces leaders who, while competent, are unable to achieve the highest levels of achievement your business requires. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create leaders who hunt as a pack. If you want to create leaders who are focussed, … Read More