The 12 month leadership team coaching and development programme from Strategic Resource – the senior team specialists

As the leadership team are you:

  • Behind in the delivery of your business plan?
  • Under pressure from shareholders and investors to perform?
  • Needing to lead by example?
  • Too busy to fit in work on team development?

The 12 month leadership team coaching and development programme, from Strategic Resource, is the culmination of over twenty years of evolution, forged in the heat of investor portfolio cases. It integrates the best of individual, team, organisational and systemic leadership into one programme, all focussed on the delivery of your business plan. Much of the work happens during ‘business as usual’, minimising time off-site.

Typical benefits:

  • Matching teamwork to the specific needs of your plan
  • Developing team work that is strong enough to withstand changes in membership
  • Synthesising individual and team coaching to accelerate benefits
  • Revealing and resolving hidden loyalties that otherwise limit growth
  • Evolving team work that is robust enough to work virtually
  • Striking an effective balance between strategic and operational foci
  • Leading by example in effective team work
  • Growing organisational vitality
  • Developing resilience to future-proof team performance
  • Work with leadership team experts used by investors on their portfolio cases
  • Enjoying working together
  • Mastering the skill of leading your organisation as a team of teams
Whilst every leadership team is unique, based on the business plan, market sector, stage of growth and stakeholders, each one has the same challenge: how to lead and inspire the organisation by example rather than just words. We offer the best of both worlds: a tried and tested process honed over 20+ years of experience married to an ability to flex the focus to your specific needs.

Depending on which research article you read, leadership team quality accounts for some 40% of the variance in business performance. Whilst market forces, currency exchange, geo-political changes and competitor activity are beyond most organisation’s ability to influence your own leadership team performance is within your gift to influence.

We offer a limited number of places each year for our 12 month programme. Over the 12 months we build the relevant individual, team, organisational and systemic leadership leadership skills, as required for the delivery of your business plan.

Whilst the programme elements are consistent the focus is always unique and based entirely on your specific opportunity.

For teams who have recently been through a management due diligence or portfolio review with us the programme is 11 months and, uses the review to clarify team and individual learning objectives.

We also offer a 6 month programme, which can be extended to a 12 month programme if required. The 6 month programme can be more suitable for those on a tighter deadline, for example when preparing for an expected exit event.

For those planning for an Merger or Acquisition please talk to us about our special senior team merger programme, which is designed to properly realise the latent synergy between the leadership teams in focus.

To discuss how our 12 month programme might work in your case, or to talk about fees, call John Sutherland (Director of Strategic Resource) on 015394 31945 or email him via