Developing Leaders with Practical Mastery – Part 1

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The desire to learn is a natural human impulse. Curiosity and a thirst for uncovering the unknown have helped driven innovation and change in all areas of life since the beginning of civilisation. In business, learning new things is often vital, especially in management and leadership. However, like so many others I have worked with over the years you are … Read More

The 4 D’s of Business Transformation


A Crash Course For many, the prospect of rapid business transformation can be tempting. You’ve probably come across a book or course promising exactly that. Transform your business in a week! Transform it in a day! Transform it by lunchtime! It is easy to see the appeal of this approach. If a business is struggling, it’s natural to want to … Read More

Leaders Who Hit the Numbers – part 2

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The Three Overlooked Essentials of Leadership Development Like so many businesses who are serious about developing their leaders, you have probably given a great deal of thought as to the most effective approach. Perhaps you saw results at first, but more likely than not the investment you made disappeared when your leaders, fresh from training, were placed in a real … Read More

Leaders Who Hit the Numbers – part 1

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  The Three Unspoken Failures of Leadership Development You’ve read ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins. You’ve studied the ‘7 Habits’ of Steven Covey. You may even have sent yourself or your leaders off to business school in the hopes of finding a secret formula to top level leadership. But so far you haven’t seen a transformation. Why? The answer … Read More