Team Leader Programmes

What would be the impact in your business if every team increased their effectiveness and efficiency by 25%?

Given how much time is spent in most businesses this could earn you a further half day to a day a week of extra time to develop and deliver your business plan.

Our programmes use your current business issues as the focus for the development work. Your team leaders are developing whilst carrying out their urgent and important tasks.

You are the experts on how to run your business. We are experts on how to develop team leaders. Putting the two together gives you collaborative advantages that neither you or we could produce independently.

Team leader programme structure

Foundation Programme

A two day workshop for all team leaders establishing the core principles of effective team leadership:

• Understanding how teams deliver value

• Leveraging diversity to yield improved results

• Meeting management

• Learning how to observe yourself in order to monitor your facilitation with the team

• Turning conflict into traction

• Decision making in teams

Intermediate Programme

A three day programme for graduates of the foundation programme for team leaders who need to deepen their knowledge and practical skills:

• Resolving fundamental differences between team members

• Developing a bespoke set of team work processes for your specific needs

• Compensating for the inherent biases in your team

• Adjusting the level of team work to match the needs of the commissioned work

• Learning how to observe team functioning in order to monitor team work productivity

• An introduction to systemic team work and mapping the hidden forces that lead to undesired results

Advanced Programme

A three day programme for graduates of the Intermediate programme for team leaders who are responsible for strategic objectives:

• Maintaining team work focus at the inflexion point between strategic direction setting and operational reporting

• Deepening your knowledge of systemic team leadership

• Cross-functional team work master class

• Leading remote teams

• Managing the interface between your team and the Board or Executive

• Developing the team leaders who report into you

For those who have already been through a leadership development programme with us there is no need to attend the Foundation programme.

All programmes use your current work priorities as the focus for learning. There are no scenarios based on other business’s issues.

The programmes builds step by step and it is not possible to be on the later programmes without building the fundamentals.

Programmes can run with between 6-12 team leaders in each cohort.

Currently programmes are only offered in English.

Strategic Resource is an Internationally acclaimed expert in assessing and developing teams. Our knowledge has been built over 25 years of consultancy experience from running over 250 management due diligence assignment for Investors to developing their teams as portfolio companies. We have worked with most sectors in over 25 countries. This programme is a distillation of our learning, based on what works in practice rather than theory. For more information, or to discuss your business requirements, contact John Sutherland, Director of Strategic Resource, via or on +44 7703567473.