"Teamwork is a difference engine and diversity is the fuel"
John Sutherland 2015
The senior team

Business Transformation

Whether it is assessing management teams for the investment community or supporting a CEO in developing their team to triple enterprise value we have the practical mastery to develop your team to deliver against your objectives.

The basis of our work has its roots in our twenty years of management due diligence, our theoretical base in psychology and systemic approaches, our in-depth knowledge of emotional competence and our thirty years of experience working with leadership and management teams.


John and his team devised and conducted a series of Leadership Initiatives programmes... In terms of financial results, morale, calibre of decision making and in particular the level of in-house innovation the results have been very positive, if not transformational.
Dermot Joyce Non Exec Director at EXM cloud

Our ‘Signature Dish’

Our Twelve month Executive Team development programme is the culmination of thirty years experience.

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due diligence

With more than 300 assignments under our belt in over 25 Countries we are experienced.

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Always focussed on in-depth personal transformation

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Getting to the heart of it – beyond words

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There are few consultants I can recommend more strongly than John Sutherland. I have known John Sutherland for more years than I care to recall so I can say with confidence, based on a large date base of experience, that John and his team provide exceptionally good results.
Rodney Schwartz CEO at clearly so

The team

There are no junior consultants in our team. There is John Sutherland and there is Colleen Sutherland or there is both of them, working as a powerful complementary pair. We also work with a select network of exceptional consultants from other firms, based on the specific needs of each assignment.

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