The growth in the coaching industry has been nothing short of spectacular with many leaving roles in work to peruse a new career as a coach. There is a lot of choice these days.

Our coaching has two hall marks.


We usually offer individual coaching as part of team development work. The team work shows areas where individual work would be useful and progress on these areas supports the team developing further.


Our coaching is always focussed on in-depth personal transformation. If the objective is to move something that appears to be stuck or resistant to change then our approach is renowned for supporting profound change.

“Colleen has superbly developed observation skills which she uses to great effect in her work. She has a keen ability to target obfuscation and avoidance and gently, but firmly, retain focus on dealing with the central issues at hand. 

She has a deep mastery of her subject which she applies with great enthusiasm and skill. She was a pleasure to work with partly because in addition to her technical abilities she has a warm sense of humour and a very personable character, but mostly because her natural seriousness of purpose led to very productive group and individual sessions. “

Chris Ziseler – Global Director at UL AWS True power