We develop leaders and managers who know how to work effectively with each other to achieve your strategic objectives.

We focus on the specific skills required to deliver your business plan, not a generic leadership skills set they might need one day.

We successfully tackle the tricky emotional competence issues that most programmes avoid.

We combine off-site learning with supported practical learning on-site during business as usual, focussed on your key objectives.

We enable your key staff to learn how to lead themselves before supporting them to lead others, teams and parts of your organisation.

As the year builds the programme flexes to address emerging needs and focus on areas of specific need. The focus is on building team work that is robust enough to withstand change, both in team membership and sector fluctuations.

We provide embodied learning for head, heart and gut brains. The internal integration and coherence results in far greater uptake and practical application of key skills.

We give your leaders a Systemic skill set to enable them to be effective change agents.

Our team leadership work is second to none.

Our programme closes the gap between the Senior Team and the wider leadership group ensuring you are able to deliver today’s priorities in a way that develops the resources and competence to achieve tomorrow’s strategy. 

John and his team devised and conducted a series of Leadership Initiatives programmes… In terms of financial results, morale, calibre of decision making and in particular the level of in-house innovation the results have been very positive, if not transformational.

Dermot Joyce Non Exec Director at EXM cloud