Our Twelve month Executive Team development programme is the culmination of thirty years experience. The process is tried and tested but the content flexes with the specific needs of your business plan.

There is a quarterly drum beat of two days of development work over the year, beginning and ending wherever suits your team best. The first day is a given over to team building work, directly linked to the team skills you will need to deliver your business plan. The second day is focussed on live work on your key strategic projects, using the learning from the first day to accelerate progress.

Team work builds cumulatively and the gains are held in place by a library of bespoke team work processes. These are robust enough to mean that if there is a change in team membership the benefits are retained. Whilst the specific content flexes to match the needs of your sector, context and business plan there is a flow of work from commissioning through strategic process to and learning how ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ and what to do about it.

The programme can commence at any time of the year, to suit your situation.

Portakabin management were concerned to ensure that the management teams within were not a brake on the potential growth of the business. Strategic Resource, led by John Sutherland was engaged, upon recommendation, to facilitate, identify and train management at all senior levels to manage the challenges that significant growth brings. Four years on, Portakabin leads the modular industry in the UK and is one of the leading players in Europe in which Strategic Resource has played a significant role.

Derek Carter – Portakabin

“Be it in a group environment or for individual coaching, Colleen brings a great combination of energy, compassion and challenge that appears effortless but gets right to the nub of the issues. As with many masters of their craft, the apparent simplicity of the concepts Colleen shares can appear easy to mimic but this hides the underpinning depth of skill and diligence that she brings to her work. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Colleen should jump at the chance.”

Dave Swan – CTO at Tharsus