Management Due Diligence

If you do your due diligence on management due diligence providers you are likely to end up at our door. With over 250 assignments under our belt in over 25 Countries we are the experts. But what does that mean for you?

• We have benchmark data on most sectors and stages of business growth

• We are proven to be over 90% accurate

• We provide precise information about how to de-risk the investment in portfolio

• We flex our due diligence offering to match your needs case by case

• We tell you the degree to which the target team have the individual, team and the organisational skills required to achieve their business plan

• We can fix most of the issues we uncover

• We understand the investment world and the focus on getting the next fund

The investment space is changing with many firms now competing for the best deals. The due diligence question has evolved from should we do this deal to can we do this deal.
Insisting on running complicated due diligence can act as a disincentive to the target team. How do we help you win the best deals?

We work as part of your extended investment team running our due diligence process alongside your routine visits, minimising time.

We take a developmental focus, on what needs to evolve or change, making the sell-in easier.

We are repeatedly told that ours is the due diligence process the target team got the most value from