Management quality accounts for some 40% of the variance in portfolio performance and most investors agree that acting quickly on team issues makes the difference in fund performance.

With more than 300 assignments under our belt in over 25 Countries we are experienced. But what does that mean for you?

  • We have benchmark data on most sectors and stages of business growth
  • We are proven to be over 90% accurate, compared to an industry standard of around 60%
  • We provide precise information about how to de-risk the investment in portfolio
  • We tell you the degree to which the target team have the individual, team and the organisational skills required to achieve their business plans
  • We flex our due diligence offering to match your needs, case by case
  • We can fix most of the issues we uncover
  • We understand the investment world
  • We are repeatedly told that ours is the due diligence process the target team and the investors got the most value from

Our work with investors includes work on acquisitions and portfolio reviews. We also provide internal development for investors, focussed on their own team work and/or their due diligence processes.

I have now worked with John for approaching 20 years on numerous projects. I always find the Strategic Resource management due diligence offering provides disproportionate value in assessing and understanding individual and team dynamics and capabilities. The Strategic Resource output is insightful and seen as value adding by management, with many portfolio management teams continuing to work with John post-deal.

Graeme Sword – Founding Partner BlueWaterEnergy

Our selection work with senior teams

  • Many of our longer-term clients use John Sutherland to assess their short-listed candidates for senior hires.
  • John has an enviable track record in predictive accuracy.
  • The process complements the work done by your recruitment consultants and your own interview outputs by providing an in-depth analysis of the person, their trajectory and key drivers.
  • The report also considers how each candidate will ‘fit’ with the existing team.

We have been working with John for a number of years and on several projects. His work has been indispensable in better understanding management teams’ motivations and preferences, as well helping the teams to work more efficiently together.

Jens Dueing – Frog Capital

All the companies we invest in have great ambition, and with that comes great challenge, not just for the companies themselves but often also for the people who lead and manage them. We have worked with John Sutherland and Strategic Resource for many years, because we and the teams we support have consistently found it useful to recognise these challenges early and so be able to respond to them constructively, optimistically and creatively

Patrick Sheehan – Partner at ETF