Whether it is assessing management teams for the investment community or supporting a CEO in developing their team to triple enterprise value, John Sutherland has the practical mastery to develop teams to deliver against objectives.

The basis of his work has its roots in twenty years of management due diligence, his theoretical base in psychology and systemic approaches, in-depth knowledge of emotional competence and thirty years of experience working with leadership and management teams. John is a pioneer and was in the vanguard of developing management due diligence in the 1990’s. His career started in the Health Service, where he worked as a Clinical Psychologist throughout the 1980’s, bringing his psychology discipline and knowledge to bear to his work.

A senior team specialist and coach to a number of CEO’s, John founded Strategic Resource in 1995 and is recognised as a leader in his chosen field. In this candid interview, John opens up about the challenges senior teams are facing in todays confusing times and offers some key advice to those trying to make sense of the enormous waves of data, emotions, complexity and required changes involved in business management today. John Sutherland can be contacted at: www.strategic-resource.co.uk Thanks to John for his time and stay tuned for more Crux Casts.